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At a Sabbath service last evening the Rabbi spoke of our responsibility for each other. He stresses that it is not merely important to take care of oneself, it's also important that we take care of each other and that we do this as a kind-hearted community. (Rabbi Eric Berk, Temple B'nai Shalom: Huntsville, Alabama.

The above brings to mind the disagreements of whether or not to be vaccinated for Covid 19, There are those who say that it is none of your business if I don't get vaccinated, The people who say this do not recognize that even if their friends and family are vaccinated but you are not, you can still carry and spread the disease (CNN NEWS). Also, do recognize that everyone who does want a vaccination cannot get one. People on chemotherapy or others who have had negative reactions to vaccination have to count on others to protect them. We are all the potential herb communities who are responsible for each other.

Please be aware that if you choose not to get the virus vaccine, you are allowing the virus to duplicate or reproduce.
"If you want to protect yourself and your family and friends, get vaccinated. Otherwise, you will be a part of the problem - not the solution."

(Rion Prior, Richard Allen Greenem, Megan Marple)

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