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During this sad and restrictive time of the virus, it is important for you to pay careful attention to what you buy and the way you shop  
Think about how you feel when you wear different shades.  Yellows tends to make people feel happy.  Red can help some to feel sexy,  Blue helps people to feel calm,  Green often helps people to feel upbeat.  Figure out what colors make you feel best.  Pay attention to consistent compliments you get when you wear particular colors.  Also pay attention to how you shop.  The following 8 hints can be helpful.  Before buying anything new, ask yourself:

1. Does this make me feel great?
2. Is this my personal style?
3. Do I like the way I look in this?
4. Will I love this a few years from now?
5. Will I regret this as an impulse buy?
6. Do I really need this? 7.Can this update my look? 8.What do I already have that will work with this?
Select clothing that reflects who you are, picks up your mood and makes you feel stronger.

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."
                                                                                                     Rachel Zoe

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