Posttraumatic Stress

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When you are suffering from post traumatic stress, you have been threatened by serious injury that could have ended your life or could have caused you very serious injury. Now you are having intrusive thoughts about the incident that leave you recalling the event. You are probably having disturbing dreams about the trauma you have experienced. You will often sense that the event is reoccurring. This is called a "flashback." You will feel anguish when you are exposed to things that remind you of your trauma. You will try to avoid thoughts, feelings, places or people associated with the trauma you have experienced. When you do recall parts of the trauma, you will find that you cannot recall all parts of it. Your interest in pleasurable activities will decrease and the company of others will also become less interesting to you. You will probably have pessimistic thoughts about your future. You will have problems with sleep. You may also be irritable and you may find that concentration is more difficult for you. You will be looking for "something bad to happen" on a regular basis. You will be startled easily. You will feel depressed and you may feel tempted to abuse drugs or alcohol to cope with your frightening feelings. You may also have suicidal thoughts. Your personal relationships will suffer. You may find that it is difficult to perform your regular job. All of the above symptoms will be present for at least one month.

I will help you to describe the nature of what happened to you in as much detail as is possible for you. I will help you to discuss your feelings of fear and depression. We will also discuss any thoughts of self harm that you may have. We will also review any overuse of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs problems you may be having.

You will learn more about post traumatic stress and how it develops. I can provide reading assignments that will clarify this for you. I will teach you strategies for stress management until you can manage tension on your own. I will help you to review the things that you say to yourself that negatively impact your ability to cope. I will also teach you "thought stopping techniques so that you can more easily avoid unwanted thinking and ideas. I will encourage your use of regular exercise as well as relaxation techniques so that you can sleep more easily without being disturbed. I will help you to feel more hopeful and positive regarding your future.

If you or someone you know who would benefit from Posttraumatic Stress counseling, please contact me at any time at 256-431-5060.

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