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If a loved one has died, if you have broken up with a dear friend or if you have lost your job, you may find that you can think of little else. When others around you talk about their own losses, you may find that this increases your pain. You will generally lose your appetite, lose weight and lose your ability to sleep comfortably. Additionally, you can begin to feel guilty that you didn't do enough for your loved one. It is possible, therefore, that you will try to keep most of your conversations at a very casual level.

We will work on a more healthy grieving process, so that you can learn that avoidance of the subject will make it even more difficult for you to let go. In your counseling sessions, you will be encouraged to talk about your loss so that you can discuss and express all of the feelings that you have associated with that loss. You will also be encouraged to discuss the positive things about your loved one and things that you can do to cherish and honor those memories. You will be assisted in resolving feelings of guilt and anger.

There are several excellent books about coping with loss and you may be asked to read some of these. You may also be asked to write a good-bye letter to the person you have lost describing how you feel. Several clients have wanted to read these letters as a part of their healing process.

As you conclude your therapy, you will be able to list the ways that avoidance of grieving has negatively impacted your life. You will slowly learn that the "pain of grief is only a shadow compared with the pain of never risking love."

If you would like to speak about setting up a session during this difficult time, feel free to call me at any time of day at 256-431-5060.

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