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If you are dealing with legal conflicts, you may have charges pending. You may be on parole or probation. Your legal issues may be your main reason for seeking counseling. You may also have a long history of criminal activity that has led to your incarceration. It is also possible that you have drug related issues. It is possible that stress, fear and depression often characterize your mood.

When you are in therapy, you will learn to accept responsibility for your behavior. If you have a history of drug abuse, you will learn how this complicates your legal issues.

You will be encouraged to accept responsibility for decisions you have made that led to your arrest so that you can learn to develop higher moral and ethical standards and have more socially acceptable positions. You will learn to avoid blaming others for your situation.

You will be encouraged to make regular contact with court officials to fulfill requirements of your sentence.

Maintaining sobriety will also be central to your treatment if this has been a problem area for you.

We will explore the causes of your negative emotions so that you will be able to develop more healthy coping skills.

We will explore how your behaviors have affected others. Appropriate apologies may be encouraged.

I will be pleased to work with all other people who are involved with your care, including legal and medical staff. I will be available to you 24 hours on all days. Feel free to call me at 256-431-5060.

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