Intimate Relationship Conflicts

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If you are suffering with intimate relationship problems, you may be having frequent arguments with your partner. You may also feel like the problems you argue about are all the fault of your partner. If you are married, you may be separated from your partner. You may even be considering divorce. It is possible that you may be involved in multiple relationships at the same time. Your relationship may be characterized by physical or verbal abuse. You may have excessive involvement in work or recreation activities that interfere with closeness with our partner. You may also have a pattern of repeated conflictual relationships.

I may suggest that you attend sessions with your partner so that you can focus on communication and problem solving skills. Individual sessions can also be helpful. It will also be helpful for you to identify the positive aspects of your relationship. I will also ask you the problems in your relationship, including your own role in these problems. It will be helpful for me to ask both you and your partner to make commitments to change specific behaviors that you have identified as difficulties in your relationship. We can explore ways in which you can increase the frequency of your expression of honest, respectful and positive feelings and thoughts with your partner. We can practice problem solving skills. We can also identify and replace unrealistic expectations in your relationship. When infidelity is involved, I can help you to identify the causes and consequences of this issue. I can also help you to select helpful related reading materials.

If you or someone you know would benefit for help with intimate relationship conflicts, feel free to call me at any time at 256-431-5060.

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