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If you are considering counseling for gay and lesbian issues, then this information will be relevant to you. If you just happen to be gay or lesbian, but are not seeking counseling for related behavioral or mood problems, I suggest that you review the "Services Provided" area of this site so that you can address your concerns more directly.

It is possible that you are not certain about your basic sexual orientation. You may be having difficulty enjoying sexual activities with opposite sex partners because of low arousal. Your fantasies and desires about same-sex partners may cause you distress, worry or feelings of guilt, shame and worthlessness. You may additionally be depressed. Marital conflicts may be prominent for you. You may want to marry your same-sex partner but feel that you cannot because you have been concealing your sexual identity from friends and family.

Counseling can help you to identify your sexual identity and help you to engage in a wide range of relationships that support your identity. It can also help you to reduce the anxiety you have been experiencing. You can eliminate your depressed mood and feelings of guilt. Your therapist will help you to describe your concerns over sexual identity. You will also be encouraged to identify sexual experiences that have been a source of excitement and gratification for you. You will be helped to explore how cultural, racial or ethnic factors contribute to your feelings about your homosexuality. You may be asked to write two "future biographies" about what your life will be like in 20 years - one as a homosexual and another as a heterosexual. You will also be asked to list the negative consequences of hiding your sexuality. You may be given an assignment of listing the advantages of disclosing your sexual orientation to significant people in your life. You will be asked to identify at least one friend who is likely to have a positive reaction to your disclosure. You will be asked to watch videos and movies that depict lesbian women and gay men in positive ways. Your ultimate counseling goal can be to increase your comfort with yourself and with others.

If you would like to know more information about how I can help with counseling for gay and lesbian issues, you can call me anytime at 256-431-5060.

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