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If someone is suffering with depression, (s)he may experience significant sadness, poor appetite, decreased interest in areas that used to bring pleasure, agitation, sleep problems, low energy, difficulty concentrating, less interest in socializing, feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness or inappropriate guilt, low self esteem, grief and possible suicidal feelings.

As part of your counseling, you will be helped to identify the sources of your depression, discuss the nature of your important relationships, discuss feelings of anger and talk about the relationship of your anger and your depressed mood. You are likely to experience sadness during our discussions. You will be helped to identify things that you may be saying to yourself that are making your depression worse. You will be helped to replace negative thoughts with more positive thoughts so that you can have more hopeful feelings about yourself, your ability to cope and your future. I will encourage you to share your feelings so that you can better understand their causes. I will help you to develop coping strategies that work best for you. I will be happy to work with any other professionals that may be a part of your treatment.

Be aware that I am available to you at any hour - 7 days weekly. Feel free to give me a call at any time to 256-431-5060.

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