Body Image And Eating Disorder Issues

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If you have an eating disorder, you may eat very large quantities of food in a short period of time after which you will make yourself vomit or you will use laxatives because you are afraid of gaining weight. Extreme weight loss due to limited food intake and accompanied by excessive exercise characterize your eating disorder. You are likely to be pre-occupied with the way you look (or the way you THINK you look). Your view of yourself is, in all likelihood, unrealistic. You may see yourself as too fat even when you are actually emaciated. You have an extreme fear of becoming overweight.

Your treatment goals should include restoring a normal eating pattern and body weight while you develop a realistic perception of your body size. You will also have a goal of eliminating your binge eating, vomiting and laxative use. You will learn more about nutritious meals so that you can maintain a healthy weight.

During counseling, we will work with your physician and dentist so that we can assure that you are consuming the calories necessary to maintain a healthy weight. We will discuss reasonable limits on your physical exercise. We will work toward your eventual acceptance of responsibility for your own adequate nutrition. You may have a fear of your sexual identity underlying your extreme weight loss. We will address this during your therapy. All of us who are working with you will help you to identify your irrational beliefs regarding normal amounts of food. I will help you to identify your sexual impulses and your desires for intimacy. I will also encourage you to keep a daily journal of your activities, thoughts and feelings and how they may be related to your eating behavior.

You will find temptations to ignore the advice given to you because maintaining a normal weight will threaten your self esteem. Resisting good treatment is a normal part of re-gaining your health. This is to be expected and defeated.

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