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 "I would give my children  all of the money so they would never have to finish school and would never have to work."

     " I would run away and hide so no one would ever be able to find me anywhere - ever."

     " I would find people who are hungry and have no place to live."

     Standing in a Mega Million line one hears all kinds of ideas people have about what they would do with the millions they are hoping to receive if their tickets were winners.  It appears that if any of these folks were to be a   megahit, it could be likely that, just like previous blockbusters, their good fortunes would probably be short lived. Absurd as some of these ideas could be, it was still a bit of fun to join in with everyone imagining having barrels  of cash for made up solutions to made up problems.   
     Most of us will never be jackpot jim dandies, but, there are always possibilities that folks can become unforeseen  sweepstakes or cash winners.  When people have the fortune of this kind of unexpected money management, there are more effective solutions to complex problems than running away from home or muddying children's futures  with money they may never learn how to manage.
     Should you have an unexpected lottery windfall or extra cash you didn't expect, the first things you must always do include: 
      1. Contacting a lawyer and certified public accountant to help you decide whose name should be on the funds or whether those funds should go into a trust.  If there is a winning ticket, sign it in accordance with the professional advice given.  
     2. Pay off your debts.
     3. Make decisions about whether you want a lump sum or monthly payments.
     4. Buy something nice for yourself.
     5. Put the funds somewhere where you cannot get at them immediately without benefit of premeditation and                 consideration for the future.

     May your life be full of happiness, success and love.

                            "You must gain control of your money or the lack of it will forever control you."

Dave Ramsey

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