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  • He who is in a hurry always arrives...late.
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He who is in a hurry always arrives...late.

So many of us are in such a hurry.  We wake up and shower at a fast speed getting all of our tasks and errands done quickly and get to bed "on schedule" so that we can start the whole process over again the next day.  We live our lives in such a rushed manner that we don't take the time to recognize the unnecessary importance we put on getting things done fast.  Most of us remain in a hurry to accomplish things quickly.
     We want fast service so that we can eat fast food that will put on extra weight quickly.  No worry - many want to take off that extra body fat swiftly with micro-lasers instead of developing healthy lifestyles.  We send emails instead of letters - using phrase abbreviations to get communication over within a rush.  We purchase items on our computers speedily, We use cell phones for instant communication with text messages so that we don't even have to take the time to talk to each other.  Then we can take sleeping pills to help ourselves get to bed fast enabling us to start the whole process over again the following day.
     Some people think that if they do things quickly they can be more efficient.  This is actually counter-intuitive.  Rushing can result in accidents, mistakes, and more time spent in the long run.  I can tell you that my writing this blog quickly left me with more typographical errors than I bothered to count.
    1.      Join me in slowing down.  I will use yoga, meditation, and deep breathing.  

      "Nature does not hurry but everything gets accomplished." 

Lao Tzu      

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