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1. Give up that late-night extra-large pizza and all of the garlic breadsticks that top it off. Dr. Lipman, M D has completed some following research that indicates that large nighttime meals can interfere with our metabolism and digestion. This interference will get in the way of the peaceful night's sleep we all need to destress. Dr. Lipman indicates that 8 pm is a healthy time for the end of big meals.

2. A messy, cluttered residence can increase cortisol levels that can create chronic stress. Our brains tend to function better with structure and piles of paper and messy belongings make it harder for us to concentrate and will tempt us to put off completing projects. Go through your residence and office and get rid of all of those things that you haven't used in over a year. Toss them out to make room your sleep will make space for the peace that follows. You can do this in one area at a time. You will also find that your sleep will improve if you don't have to see a big disorganized mess before you go to bed.

3. Don't ignore the light and dark signals of our 24-hour body clock. Looking at the blue light of cell phones, televisions and computers surround us with what appears to be daylight and this appearance tells us that it is time to stay awakes.........more stress when rest should be prominent.

4. Text messages, distressing emails, and robocalls are unnecessary aggravations that can also interfere with the sleep we need to rest. Allow yourself to unsubscribe. Turn off your telephones and limit your time watching upsetting news.

Here's to sleep and reduced stress,

Peaceful Patty

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