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Holiday Depression

You may be relieved that this year is coming to an end. What a tough one this has been. You no doubt have a different social life, a different work life and unusual ways of managing your personal needs. Many of you have seasonal affective disorder due to less exposure to daylight and, on top of all of this, you are now dealing with COVID - 19 - the illness as well as the vaccine.

This is a good time to talk with your health care provider about the amount of calories and fats that you may be tempted to consume. You also need to remain aware of the possibility that you may be getting too much salt, sugar and all of that other tasty white stuff that could possibly affect your immune system. Do remember that, if you have coughing spells, a sore throat and unusual fatigue, report these things to you medical provider to rule out allergies, a cold or COVID-19 (MD VIP). Get the appropriate diagnosis and medical care.

Pay attention to getting restful sleep, exercising and coping with any stress you may have. If you don't have a nurturing 
therapist, get one. We all need recovery assistance from time to time. It. works.

Don't expect this year to feel like previous holiday seasons. This year is different. This year is sorrowful. This year your intensions and decisions are not necessarily predictable. This year you are tense. Describe your experiences with others and learn calming skills like progressive muscle relaxation, slow breathing and guided imagery. A good counselor can help you learn how to apply these skills to your daily life.

"If you live honestly, obey the laws and help people in need, you will have peace of mind."

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