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So many of us are miserable. Adult depression symptoms are 3 times higher than usual at this time. (JAMA) These symptoms include feeling blue, sleep and appetite problems, weight control, concentration difficulty, loss of interest in things that used to feel engaging, fatigue, and a sense that life may not feel like it is worth living. (Seth Gillihan, Ph.D.)
We are learning that the worst thing about the virus may not be the virus itself. The economic and emotional turmoil involved are almost intolerable - especially not knowing whether or not one may be infected. The uncertainty can be so frightening and it is harder to cope while giving up the activities that used to give us pleasure.
You may not notice the depression symptoms immediately. They can come upon you gradually and in little bits at a time. This may invite you to brush them off so that you don't have to feel worried. It is important for you to recognize that managing early, mild depression is really so much easier than trying to pull yourself out of a deep emotional hole. Try the following:
1. Maintain regular sleep hours.
2 Involve yourself with physical activity.
3. Reduce sugar. That kind of comfort food seldom works.
4, Reduce self-criticism. We have all made errors, but, repeating the thoughts about them is sure to increase
misery. Stop distorting your mistakes.
5, Hang out with friends safely. Use phone calls and zoom.
6. Know that most depression ends. Tell yourself that your blues are not likely to last forever.

"Depression is the inability to construct a future."

Rollo May

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